Research & Development

The founders of DCL created the company with one goal: to be an innovator. That drive for innovation is a big reason we’ve become an industry leader.

True to our mission, we have a full-time, in-house research and development staff and a dedicated testing lab. We’re continually looking for new and better ways to help you move material. Some of our innovations include the industry’s first:

  • full-length inner spout cone set
  • high-efficiency pleated, spun-bonded filters in a compact spout filter module
  • fully-automatic hands-free truck loading system
  • low-horsepower silo aeration reclaim system for fine products
  • pedestal-style articulating loading arms to include automatic in-line tracking
  • telescopic air-slide ship loading boom
  • non-mechanical deadfall spout discharge for dust control of fine products in ship loading

Our expertise in system engineering, design and integration makes us the perfect one-stop source to design, build and install your bulk loading solutions. And our 40,000-square-foot manufacturing and warehousing facility allows us to build and test the largest and most complex systems.